Looking Into the Shadows

How Turning on the Light can Nurture Psychological Safety

Register for June 24th, 2021


An organization is a psychologically safe organization when people feel safe to learn, contribute, speak up, and be who they are - without the fear of being punished, embarrassed, disrespected, or marginalized in any way. Psychological safety is about eradicating the fear in human interaction and replacing it with belonging and respect. 
When leaders bring their unresolved past traumas and unacknowledged stress to their work they can create, unintentionally or intentionally, an unsafe environment. The road to nurturing psychological safety is to turn on the light of awareness and look into our shadows.
This thought-provoking webinar will provide practical insights and strategies to assess, create, and sustain psychological safety in your culture by working with your “shadow side.”

What is your “shadow,” and why is coming to know your shadow critical to good leadership?
Learn to connect and inspire others by connecting with yourself.
Leave with three practical strategies for working with your shadow that will elevate your leadership to a new level of excellence.

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