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Episode 17 "Mark Szabo"

Dr. Szabo has worked in communications and design management for over 20 years, having led teams in multiple countries and served a broad range of multinational clients. 

Episode 16 Ron Mitchell

Dr. Ronald Mitchell is a distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. He is a good friend who shares important insights about authenticit...

Episode 15 "Chas Waitt"

Listen to my conversation with Chas Waitt, an inspiring, authentic leader with a big heart.

Episode 14 "Dale Kelly"

In this episode, listen to Dale Kelly, a truly authentic and legendary leader who has built great companies and great lives.

Episode 13 "Tim O'Connor"

In this episode of "The Other Everest", listen to the insightful conversation on authentic leadership with Tim O'Connor, the highly successful CEO of Results Canada.

Sarah is a family physician who believes we have a lot more control over our health than we are led to believe. She wants to change the focus in Western medicine from a disease bas...

Episode 11 "Alison Stone"

Ally is a highly successful entrepreneur in the hospitality industry and a community leader and humanitarian. Her inspiring story of courage and compassion illustrates genuine auth...

Episode 10 "Lorrie Jess"

Lorrie Jess is the President of the Alberta School Boards Association. Her incredible personal journey through adversity highlights so many qualities of the authentic leader.

Episode 9 "Geoff Bellman"

Geoff Bellman worked inside major corporations for fourteen years before starting his own consulting firm in Seattle in 1977, where he focused on renewing large, mature corporation...

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